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Recently met with a requirement to get all the Files alone from a Folder using CAML Query. Thought of sharing the small piece of code to the community and make sure that whether to use RECURSIVE and RECURSIVEALL. more


In the earlier article, we saw how to Declare and UnDeclare a document as record. But, the problem is, if already a document is Record, and again, if we are trying to declare it as a record, the API is not intelligent enough to handle that. This throws the exception. more


In this article, let us see how to enable Multi Language settings in a SharePoint Office 365 Site Programmatically using C# Client Side Object Model (CSOM) more


Today, we are going to have a look on a small tip, which will be useful during the deployment package. Usually, when we are provisioning a site, we need to configure the corresponding search centre URL for that site. But, when we try to automate the deployment process, we need C# code for each and every small piece of work. In that aspect, let us see how to configure the search centre URL here. more


In this article, let us see how to Host your ASP.NET Application on the Azure VM and Make it publicly accessible more


An Error Occured While Processing your request - A Common Exception in SharePoint Provider Hosted Application and a debugging mechanism. more


Warning – You are being redirected to the following URL that was not registered as the app launch url more


Exception – HTTP Error 405.0 – Method Not Allowed: The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) is being used. more


Again, let us discuss a strange issue. I have a document library which is going to have almost 1 million documents in it. more