Create design Package using design manager

Santhosh Babu
Technology Specialist in SharePoint, Cognizant
Published On :   09 Jan 2014
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In this post I am going to create a design package using design manager

Step 1: Open the site then click design manager link from right top corner "Settings" menu.


Step 2: Once open the design manager click the “Create Design Package” link and type the Design Name. After then click the create button.


Step 3: After click the create button the package automatically create and the WSP file is ready to download.


Step 4: Click the “Click here to download” link. It will open the “Do you want to save” popup for save the WSP file in local path.


Step 5: Open the downloaded folder you will see the DesignManager-1.0.wsp file.


Next Blog I will explain the import design Package from one environment to another environment using design manager.

Happy Coding.

SanthoshBabu ManickaMohan

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