Create Scorecard and Deploy Dashboard in SharePoint 2010 using PerformancePoint Services

Mohamed Sithik
SharePoint Consultant
Published On :   09 Mar 2013
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This article relates how to create Fixed value Scorecard, Excel file Data to Reports and Deploy in Dashboard Designer using PerformancePoint services in SharePoint 2010.

Step 1:-

Create a Site Collection from Application Management of your Central Administration.


Step 2:-

I.    Choose your web application
II.   Enter the Title as “BI Samples
III.  Enter the Url as “BISite
IV. Choose the  Business Intelligence Center template
V.  Enter the username 
VI. Click ok

Step 3:-

Click the site collection URL


Step 4:-

It will be taken to Business Intelligence Center Home page

I.  Move your cursor to create Dashboards
II. Click the Start Using PerformancePoint Services  


Step 5:-

Click Run Dashboard Designer button (before that check your browser, I am using internet explorer Version 8)


Step 6:-

You will get the Dashboard Designer.


Step 7:-

Now create Report for showing the Excel file data from SharePoint document

I.  Right click the PerformancePoint Content
II. Click  “New” and choose “Report


Step 8:-

In this step, select Report Template popup

1. Choose the  “Excel Services” 
2. Click the “Ok” button


Step 9:-

1.  Rename the “New Report” as “ExcelSample”
2.  Go to your SharePoint Site, upload one Excel Document in library Section and then Paste the site URL in SharePoint Site Section.
3.  Choose document Library Section
4.  Choose your Excel File Name.
5.  Click View button you will find Excel File Data’s


Step 10:-

Now we create Scorecard

Right Click the “PerformancePoint Content” Click “New” and choose “Scorecard 


Step 11:-

Choose Standard Category, then Click Fixed Values Scorecard and click the Ok.


Step 12:-

Click New KPI and add the below information


Step 13:-

Click Finish Button


Step 14:-

Here you will see the Scorecard. Rename “New Scorecard” as “InvoiceScorecard


Step 15:-

Now we Create Dashboard

Right Click “PerformancePoint Content” Click “New” and choose “Dashboard 


Step 16:-

Choose “2.column” Template and Click Ok


Step 17:-

Rename “New Dashboard” as “DashBoard1”. And then click arrow button on the right side of the panel.


Step 18:-

Drag and Drop the “InvoiceScoreCard” into the left column and “ExcelSample” to the Right Column


Step 19:-

Now right click the DashBoard1 and choose Deploy to SharePoint…


Step 20:-

Choose Dashboards and click ok Button


Step 21:-

Finally the output will be like this.


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