Enterprise social networking with YAMMER

Sarath Babu Koneti
SharePoint Consultant, Yes Labs Pty Ltd, Sydney
Published On :   23 Oct 2013
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Nowadays where ever you go, which ever direction you turn on, one most often buzzing thing among corporate circles is enterprise social networking. I started digging in to this to find some information.

Just sharing my personal thoughts on enterprise social network with yammer.

Just think of the communications we had with our family and friends pre –face book era and post face book era. Communications are fantastic nowadays. It’s instant even across different geographies/time zones. A friend from US posts a pic, someone from UK, Dubai, Singapore likes/comments in short span of time. Just link this to corporate communications, emails where a thing of the past in few companies. If someone sends an email from one time zone, waiting the other person to reach work and then reply …there is something missing. There comes enterprise social networking to give the same benefits to corporates as well.

In my opinion MS was lacking in the enterprise social space, even though there are a massive changes with SharePoint 2013, they felt that something was missing. Acquiring yammer has given the much needed push to brand themselves as one of the market leaders in this space.

Microsoft where ever they see that they are lacking they go in for a big acquisition with their big bucks and make it up ~ rebrand / integrate them with their own suite of products. Like Hotmail, Skype or Nokia mobile, so is Yammer in their social enterprise space.

Now Microsoft can boast themselves as one of the market leader / or a serious contender in the enterprise social space.

Companies are trying to invest more in engaging with employees in more meaningful ways, trying to hear from all the folks irrespective of their defined hierarchy.

With office 365 or SharePoint online, SharePoint newsfeed was the organizations enterprise social collaboration tool.

But when we sign up with yammer for social collaboration, we can remove news feed from our SharePoint online and replace the same with Yammer or live with both. Once we plan to have both then we can’t post to everyone using news feed. That option will be disabled.

If we want to activate yammer for your organization (SharePoint online or Office 365) then the options available are

#1 if you / your organization are a MS enterprise agreement customer, you can activate yammer enterprise for free.

#2 if you / your organization is not a MS enterprise agreement customer then below are the options available to you. https://about.yammer.com/pricing/


Hopefully Microsoft will completely integrate Yammer with its enterprise agreement and solve most of the confusion that’s prevailing now.

As in the past how we are having personal mails and office mails we will be moved to personal social networking and professional social networking with a significant shift in adding value to business.

Any one with a sharepoint online subscription will be having newsfeed by default.

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#2 Follow colleagues, by giving their emails


#3 Join Groups


#4 Add your Pic

Mostly you are done. You have set up your private social network for your company.


With SharePoint on premise, we can install yammer app for SharePoint by purchasing the app from SharePoint store. Will go in further detail in our future posts.

It’s the time to move on. Go yammer Go!

Happy Sharepointing

Sarath Babu Koneti

Yes Labs Pty ltd.

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