Fix For Office Documents Crash in SharePoint Online

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   16 Apr 2016
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We were seeing increased number of issue with Microsoft Word and Excel crashing while using with SharePoint online. Most of user community uses SharePoint for collaborative work on Word/Excel document within their team. When they open document from SharePoint Online they get message “Word has stopped working” or “Excel has stopped working” and application crashes. This is issue has increased in the recent weeks.

Initial analysis/solution
I tried clearing the Upload Centre Cache and set the upload centre to delete the document as soon as those are closed. This work as miracle for some cases not exactly sure why this happens or gets resolves. But today had an instance even the above solution is not working. I tried clearing cache of Upload Centre and the browser but no luck.  Then we took this issue to MS to understand the root cause.


As per MS, this is a known issue and scheduled to be resolved in subsequent updates.
As a temporary fix, MS has provided Critical on Demand (COD) patch