Fixing Theme Issue In SharePoint Online Site Template

Sriram Varadarajan
Enterprise Architect
Published On :   16 Apr 2016
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Yet another know issue in SharePoint Online, taking a site as template and creating a site collection with that template crashes the new site if you have a theme applied to it.
Issue description
Assume we take a site as template and try creating a site collection with that template, you will be surprised to see the look and feel of the created site is crashed completely
 O365 Site Template

O365 Site

How to Fix

At present MS don’t have a permanent workaround; The only option we have at this point is to follow the below steps:
1.       Create a site template excluding content that contains theme
2.       Create a site/site collection out of that site template
3.       Copy the sub folders inside random number folder under _catalogs/Themes/Themed/<Random Number> folder from source to destination

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