How to Create Page layout using design manager

Santhosh Babu
Technology Specialist in SharePoint, Cognizant
Published On :   05 Jan 2014
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In this post I am going to create a page layout using design manager.

Step 1:

Open the site then click design manager link from right top corner "Settings" menu.


Step 2: Click “Edit Page Layouts” link


Step 3: Click “Create a page layout” link. It will open a popup window and select Master page (which we have created in earlier post) for this scenario we need to select “HTMLPage” then click ok button.


Step 4: Once the page layout created then publish the same.


Step 5: After publish the page layout click the “Settings” icon then click Add a Page. It will open a popup window and provide the page name and click create button.



Step 6: After created page automatically redirect to the new page.


Step 7: Select the PAGE tab and open Page Layout menu then select “SamplePageLayout”. It will change the page layout. After then check-in and publish the page.



Next Blog I will explain about how to add code snippet in page layout.

Happy Coding.

SanthoshBabu ManickaMohan

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