How to create Search Configuration in SharePoint 2013

Anne Jes Medon
SharePoint Developer
Published On :   09 Mar 2013
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This article shows how to configure the Search service application in to your SharePoint environment. We need to configure search Service application once and it will apply for all other web application were you use.

Step 1:

Go to Manage Service Applications from Central Administration


Step 2:

Open and click the service application from top menu, you will be redirected to Search Administration page


Step 3:

Click Index Reset


Step 4:

Go to Search Administration, initially there is no Searchable items in the query.


Step 5:

Go to Content Sources and click the dropdown and Start Full Crawl, this will crawl your data from the database.


Step: 6

Refresh the page once the crawl has started and the Crawl time will be listed out there.


Step 7:

Go to search Administration again and you will find the crawled query. To change your search page to specific URL, type the URL in Set a Search Center URL.


Step 8:

Get back to your application and type your search content, your query will be listed out there

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