How to Interact with Cricket Ticker in SharePoint 2013

Anne Jes Medon
SharePoint Developer
Published On :   26 Feb 2013
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Cricket Ticker being a popular one during the gaming season. It’s better to view the Cricket feed with in your page in SharePoint 2013. So here we need a JSON or Xml data to get the feed from the provider. In this project, Xml data was parsed by JQuery and used.

Step 1:

Open Visual Studio and create a project then add Visual Web Part to it.


Step 2:

Add the script and Jquery CDN in the head of your page and add div tag.


 <script type="text/javascript">
 $(document).ready(function () {
 $('#rss-ticker2').rssfeed('', {}, function (e) {
 $(e).find('div.rssBody').vTicker({ showItems: 1 });
 <div id="rss-ticker2" style="width: 80%;"></div>

Step 3:

Rebuild and Deploy to get your live Feeds


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